December 31, 2012

HASMS celebrates year two

2012 was the greatest year in the history of the Shoe, perhaps even the greatest year in the history of all shoes. We had 356 photos of discarded clothing posted on the site in the last 12 months, and there were photographs taken in four different countries-the United States, Ecuador, China and Williamsburg, Kentucky. We even had our first freelance photographer captured while on assignment as Kerwin Daniels went missing at the end of March.


Photo of the Year

S.J. Marles
August 16
Sneakers on street in Atlanta, GA

Other nominees:

Bobby Feathers - Shoes, January 5
April O'Neill - Hat, April 29
Lewis Pope - Child's moccasin, May 26
Feathers - Child's sandal, July 26
Feathers - Sneakers, September 29 
Pope - Shoes, October 24
Capolo Henderson - Sneaker, November 6
Akash Shimarod - Wool hat, November 21
Feathers - Sandals, December 8
Pope - Sweatpants, December 14
Feathers - Shoe, December 18
Shimarod - Hat, December 27

Photographer of the Year (most contributions)

Akash Shimarod (24)

Best birthday celebration (Has Anyone Seen My Shoe division)

Has Anyone Seen My Shoe (October 5)